There are several ways you can make a payment for a session or a gift tribute to me;


My preferred method of payment for a 121 meeting is cash. Please ensure that you have the correct amount ready to hand over to me at the beginning of our session.

Phone and Webcam Sessions:

Amazon gift vouchers;

I accept amazon gift vouchers for Phone and Webcam sessions, as well as for Gift tributes. Send the gift voucher to my email address: ..If you have made a gift tribute before contacting me be sure to inform me of this when you make contact.

C.C Bill

I also accept debit and credit payments for Phone and Webcam sessions as well as for Gift tributes, through the secure and confidential system of C.C Bill. If you have made a gift tribute through C.C bill before letting me know that you will, ensure that you inform me when you contact me.

Gift Tributes & Findomme (financial domination)

For slaves that wish to send me a gift tribue, you can do so via Amazon gift vouchers or through C.C Bill as noted above.

And..for or all you pathetic Findomme (financial domination) slaves.. I give you permission to send me a gift tribute via Amazon and C.C Bill if you choose to fly by and pay homage to me anonymously. I wil be informed via email that I have received a tribute. Or alternativley contact me after you have done so to take things further..




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